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2016 AFA Elections and Motion 23-16



Brother and Sister Firefighters,

We have three important online votes to be decided next week. The online votes will decide:

1.      The five (5) elected members of the AFA Bargaining Team

2.      The four (4) elected members of the AFA open Eboard VP positions

3.      The motion to agree to a one-year extension to the CBA if the City proposal is adequate.

Information on AFA Eboard Elections:

You will be voting for all four (4) open AFA Eboard positions. Please review the bios found at  for information from the candidates. Greg Pope and Mike Klepac do not have candidates running against them so they will be awarded the respective positions of AFA Secretary/Treasurer and AFA Trustee by Acclamation.

In the past, AFA Eboard Vice Presidents were elected by Battalion (sometimes referred to as District VPs). These district VPs were voted in only by the members of their respective district.

Since the last AFA Eboard elections held in 2015, the AFA Constitution and Bylaws have been amended by a membership vote to elect our AFA VPs at large, meaning that every member votes for all of the VPs.

The amended AFA Constitution and Bylaws also stipulates that after the election is complete, the AFA Eboard will decide which "at large" elected VPs will represent each geographic area of the AFA membership.

Therefore, we have the following VP positions open for election this year that are currently held by the following AFA Officers:

Mike Duffee

Mark Harris

Scott Walters

Wade Crain

Information on AFA Bargaining Team Elections:

You will be voting for five (5) AFA Bargaining Team candidates. The remaining four members of the AFA Bargaining Team will be appointed by the president and ratified by the Eboard per the AFA Constitution and Bylaws.

Information on motion to bargain for a one year collective bargaining agreement extension:

Mayor Adler has requested the all three COA public safety agencies sign a one year extension to our individual labor agrees. The Mayor made the request to save money in the budget (500k is what they project will be saved) but more importantly, to wait until the next City Manager is in place.

Whether we decide as a membership to agree to Mayor Adler's request will be decided by online vote. The motion reads as follows:

Motion 16-23 Motion: Accept Mayor Adler's request to bargain for a one year extension to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) if the compensation, benefits and working conditions proposal from the City of Austin are adequate.

 An affirmative vote on this membership motion will not hem the bargaining team into a one-year extension IF the proposal from the City is inadequate. However, at this point it is imperative that we have a seasoned bargaining team to decide how best to satisfy the will of the membership.

I ask you to please ask your questions about the motion to the online member-only discussion board. Most importantly, please review the discussion board posts frequently during the discussion and voting period BEFORE voting. I am certain you will make a more informed decision on this important vote if you follow this advice, not only on this vote but for all online votes.


Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association


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