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Brother and Sister Firefighters,

We have a great deal of important business before us to decide over the next week. Four online votes begin next week (Tuesday July 26th @0800 thru Thursday July 28th ending @ 1700).

I realize what we are asking with everyone so busy, but we need your help, your engagement and your vote.

Here is a short (1 minute) video on how to log in if you have lost your username and/or password.

A Q&A session is scheduled for Monday from 0930 - 1500 @ AFA Hall - 7537 Cameron Road, for those who wish to get their questions answered on the Kerr Censure and the ESD Merger Template votes face-to-face.

The first motion is a new Chief Kerr censure for your consideration. The other three motion pertain to the possible ESD 4 merger, specifically we are asking your opinion of some of the merger template items that are somewhat vague and could be up to interpretation. 


Link to Chief Kerr Censure Information - Including backup evidence for Chief Kerr Censure

Link to 3 ESD Merger Template Motions


As always, thank you for your support and engagement.

Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association




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Click here for short video on how to obtain a lost or forgotten AFA Membership user name and password. If the tip in the video do not work for you, please email me at for login assistance.  

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Retired Austin Firefighters Robert Lange passed 7/17/2016.

A visitation for Robert Herman Lange is scheduled at Marrs-Jones-Newby Funeral Home on Thursday evening, July 21, 2016 from 6 - 8pm and Funeral services will be Friday morning, July 22, 2016 at the funeral home at 10am.  Burial will follow in Fairview Cemetery, Bastrop, Texas.  He served in the AFD from 1960 to 1985.

Robert is a member of the AFA benevolent fund. Rest in peace Brother.



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Brother and Sister Firefighters,

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has just informed the City of Austin that the Austin Fire Department (AFD) can proceed with hiring the first 30 candidates on the Cadet Hiring List. The 30 candidates should be notified soon and are tentatively scheduled to start August 8th.

The other candidates, priority hires and others in the top 200 on the list, will be contacted by AFD to let them know their status. AFD has asked this group to remain patient and they will contact you as soon as they can.

The DOJ has not approved the entire Cadet Hiring List as of yet, they have only approved a class of 30 that will start in August. The DOJ may have additional questions concerning the process and they are still reviewing the information but, without waiving their objection under the Consent Decree, they have no objection to AFD notifying the top 30 candidates.  


Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association




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AFA Wildfire Resolution

Here is information on the proposed AFA wildfire resolution to be presented for adoption at the 2016 IAFF National Convention.

AFA is seeking IAFF Locals that may be interested in co-sponsoring this proposed wildfire resolution. We are willing to meeting with your Local to discuss if this would be helpful.

Click here to see proposed AFA Wildfire Resolution


Current Sponsors

Austin Firefighters Association, Local 975   

Montana State Council of Professional Firefighters, A0025

Round Rock Firefighters Association, Local 3082

San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association, Local 624

Cal Fire Local 2881

South Carolina Professional Firefighters Association Local A0039

Florida State Fire Service Association, Local S0020

Oklahoma City Firefighters, Local 157

Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma, A0035

Alberta Fire Fighters Association C0003

Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts A0020

Houston Professional Firefighters Association Local 341

Travis County ESD 4 Local 4848

Washington State Council of Firefighters A0045

Southern Federation of Professional Firefighters voted to recommend adoption


Please contact Bob Nicks at or Randy Denzer at (cell: (512) 825-0731) for more information or if you would like to add your name to the sponsor list.

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Brother and Sister Firefighters,

A request of the AFA Membership: If you live in or around the neighborhoods of TRAVIS COUNTRY, GOODNIGHT RANCH, MOORES CROSSING OR CANYON CREEK - Please respond to this email with your preferred contact information. We need inside information on neighborhood leaders, associations, clubs and the like to help AFA with this project.

Update on Fire Station Project: We have achieved important progress on one of our major AFA projects: Building new AFD fire stations and reducing response times.

As you may remember, the response time reduction project is the newest AFA project.

For a good overview of the issues and the solutions contained within the proposed resolution, please watch the March 4th Public Safety Commission AFA/AFD presentation: (audio poor at beginning but quickly gets better)

 Click here for presentation PowerPoint contained in the presentation video.

On March 24th the Austin City Council adopted a response time resolution (click here to see). This resolution directs the City Manager to, each budget year, present a plan to City Council to fund and build the top 5 priority fire stations. The resolution also stipulates the AFD and AFA, will each year update this list of priority fire stations. The presentation will occur each budget year in open sessions so the AFA and affected neighborhood groups can comment.

CM Delia Garza and the AFA worked very closely on this resolution.  In essence, this resolution will stop the practice of the City Manager and the COA Budget Office blocking from Council important information regarding critical response time deficiencies and fire station needs.

Please go to the AFA Community resource page to find  more information on the project.

Next Steps: Among other things, the adopted resolution directs the City Manager to:

"The City Manager is directed to develop a comprehensive plan for consideration during the FY 2016-17 budget process with proposed funding mechanisms and timelines for building fire stations in five areas of immediate need identified by the Austin Fire Association and the Austin Fire Department, which include the Travis Country area, the Loop 360 area, the Goodnight Ranch area, the Moore's Crossing area, and the Canyon Creek area."

In June CM Ott will present his plan to build more fire stations. Until then, AFA is reaching out to committee leaders, especially in the 5 critical response time areas, to provide them with the right information and resources so they can contact CM Ott and Council and express how urgently they need these fire stations. This community outpour will help to ensure that Ott takes the project seriously.

Please let me know if you would like to help on this important membership initiative by responding to this email.


Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association 


PS - Links to media stories and other info related to the AFA Fire Stations Project:


KEYE News Story


Money Mag growth

forbes - econ growth rate

No matter how you slice it, Austin set for huge population growth, report says

Even under the most pessimistic projections - if some sort of plague and economic slump were to take hold in the region - the Austin area's population will still grow by more than 30 percent over the next 15 years, a report from the Urban Institute shows.


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Helping one of our fellow FF in Lewisville

Subject: [Everyone] Lewisville FF injured son

3 year old Aiden McKitrick was injured in a boating accident in Dallas this week and is critical condition at Children's Medical Center in Dallas. His father Austin is a member of Lewisville Fire Dept Local 3606. 

L3606 is selling T-shirts to raise money to help offset expenses...  Here are links to their Gofundme account and to the t-shirt sales page...  All proceeds from shirt sales go to the McKitrick family's medical fund.

Lynn Echler



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AFA Pension Committee Meeting TIME CHANGE

Please note that there will be a AFA Pension Committee Meeting on Thursday April 28, 2016 at 1415 held at the AFA Union Hall located at 7537 Cameron Rd., Austin TX 78752.  If you are unable to attend andhave questions please email them to:

Click here to read the Meeting notes from Feb 22 AFA Pension Comm Meeting

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Vote now active on: Motion to Assist ESD 4



The motion to assist ESD 4 in their merger efforts passed. Click here to see link.


Please note that Motion 16-6: "Motion to assist ESD 4 in their efforts to merge into the City of Austin Fire Department" is no active.

Click here to view Discussion Page

Click here to see Educational Page

Click here to VOTE


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Pension Committee Meeting


Please note that the AFA Pension COmmittee will be meeting Friday May 13, 2016 at 1:00pm at The AFA Union Hall located at 7537 Cameron Rd.,Austin TX 78752. All are welcomeandencoraged to come.



Brother and Sister Firefighters, 

     This notice is to invite AFA members to a meeting on Monday 2/15 at 12:30 to discuss the policy change to our pension benefits that eliminated the beneficiary designation for non-married members. This policy change was implemented by our pension system trustees in October of 2015.

Since 2001 firefighters had been able to name someone other than a spouse to receive their pension benefits in the event of the firefighter's death. As of October 2015 that ability has essentially gone away. The realization of this change has resulted in many questions being directed to AFA. AFA discussed these changes with concerned members at the AFA Membership Meeting Tuesday and decided that an additional meeting was in order.

The Monday meeting will have our Pension Board Trustee Keith Johnson in attendance to answer your questions. AFA currently does not have a position on these changes, but wishes to learn more about the reasons behind the changes and ensure that everyone can get their questions answered. More formal action from AFA may be forthcoming based on the result of the Monday meeting.

ABL Leave will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.


Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association




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Brother and Sister Firefighters,

Two announcements and a cadet hiring process update.

The nomination period for one of the Austin Firefighters Relief and Outreach Fund Director's position opens today and will extend through February 5th. Any AFA member can nominate an active or retired member of AFA. An on-line vote will be conducted February 9th (8:00am) through the 11th (5:00pm) to select the person to fill the open director's position.

The Austin Firefighters Relief Fund Directors normally meet once per month.

The Austin Firefighters Fund help firefighters, other public safety employees and members of the community who have suffered from a catastrophe or a major injury and/or illness. 50K in contributions were distributed to first responders and community members in need last year alone, including (4) $1,000 checks to Bastrop County firefighters who lost their homes during the last major Bastrop wildfire. Most of the contributions of the Austin Firefighters Relief Fund stay in Central Texas.

Please reply to this email to send your nomination.

This Sunday, from 2:30 - 7:00p, AFA is hosting a candidate forum for Travis Country Precinct One, Texas Senate District 24 (West Austin to Abilene) and Texas House District 25 (Central Austin). The event will be held at AFA Hall at 7537 Cameron Road.

AFA members and members of the community are welcome to attend.

Each candidate forum will consist of a question and answer period followed by a short, informal meet and greet with the candidates.

  • The Precinct One candidate forum will start at 2:30p and will last until 4:00p
  • Texas Senate District 24 will begin at 4:00p and will last until 5:30p
  • Texas House District 49 candidates will start at 5:30p and will go until 7:00p

Cadet Hiring Process Update: All of the scored test data was transmitted to the DOJ in early January. This should have set forth the two week period for the DOJ to review and put forward objections to the cadet selection procedures. The DOJ is not agreeable that two week period has started and has requested additional data relating to the process.

Once the two week period of DOJ review is concluded and IF no objections are lodged, then the COA can begin cadet hiring. This outcome could result in cadet hiring occurring soon.

I feel a more likely consequence is the DOJ does raise objections and calls for a meeting with the COA and AFA to resolve their concerns. As to may remember, for AFA's agreement to drop our 5th Circuit appeal of the consent decree, AFA is now a full party (along with the COA and DOJ) in the dispute resolution part of the consent decree.

If the COA AND the AFA are agreeable to changing the selection procedures to address the DOJ concerns, then the hiring process would continue at this point.  This outcome would probably add an additional 1 -2 months to the hiring process.

If the COA and/or the AFA are NOT agreeable to the DOJ's proposed changes AND the DOJ wishes to challenge our position before a judge, then we go to court. AFA is well prepared for this eventuality should it happen. I estimate that this outcome would add 2 - 4 months to the process.

Welcome to the wacky world of consent decrees! I realize this can be confusing, if you have further questions, please respond to this email and I will get you an answer as soon as possible.

Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association

Cell (512) 217-3474




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Brother and Sister Firefighters,

911 responder health care benefits are in serious trouble. By the end of next week, Congress must reauthorize and extend the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 or those sickened by Ground Zero toxins will stop getting the health care and compensation they need and deserve. 

Jon Stewart has come out of retirement and has done solid work shaming Americans worst responders, the US Congress, into doing the right thing and supporting the reauthorization of the 911 Zadroga Act. 

These first responders need and deserve our support. Here is what you can do to help, it's as simple as going to the link below and either calling or emailing a Representative or Senator.


Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association 

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Dear Brother and Sister Firefighters,

I have received many calls from firefighters who were unaware that action must be taken during the open enrollment  period to avoid a $12.50 per pay period fee increase to your health insurance contribution. The COA open enrollment period is officially closed BUT they have agreed to reopen for a short period of time to help fix this issue if you act ASAP.

This would only affect you if you:               

  • are covering your partner/spouse on your COA health insurance policy.
  • have a partner/spouse who is NOT a smoker.
  • did NOT declare during the regular COA open enrollment period that your partner/spouse is NOT a smoker.

To correct this issue, contact COA HR at (512) 974-3284 during normal business hours ASAP! Inform them that you would like to declare that your partner/spouse is NOT a smoke and that you wish to change you open enrollment criteria. They will be able to handle this over the phone.

Please let me know if this does not fix your issue at

Bob Nicks

President, Austin Firefighters Association

Cell (512) 217-3474

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Results of AFA 2015 Officer Elections

Thank you to all who voted.  

Trustee Election Results:

Mark Schultz has been elected Trustee to serve a 3 year term.

Click here to view Vote results.

The Following positions individuals have won by acclimation:

President  - Bob Nicks
VP A-Shift - Christine Jones
VP B-Shift - Geoff Mitchell
VP C-Shift - Lynn Eichler

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Colin Camp Fundraising Campaign

Colin Camp was a firefighter with the Austin Fire Department for 7 years until June 18th 2013 when he was struck by a large SUV.  Since that date, Colin has been unable to speak, walk or eat. He receives his food through a feed tube.  Colin has requires 24 hour care.

 Health insurance no longer covers the stay at the facility he is at, and now that has to be paid out of pocket, which is about $9,000 a month, not including the physical, occupational and speech therapy that he receives on a daily basis.  For this very reason a GO FundMe account has been created.  Please click on the link and donate.  

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AFA formal request to ATCEMS

Click on the image below to view entire Letter from AFA to ATCEMS as a formal request to begin discussions regarding consolidation.

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Click on grey question mark and follow simple instructions to get your forgotten username and password sent to you within 3 minutes (times many vary).

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